jf moran has been a family owned company since its inception in 1937.  Originally owned by James F. Moran, the company was purchased by the Black family in 1970 and has remained a Black family enterprise.  jf moran is currently owned by Elizabeth Black Robson and Victoria Black, who continue their father's legacy of providing worldwide logistical services with world-class service.  The Blacks have never lost sight of the importance of treating our jf moran employees as part of the collective family, and this philosophy is passed along in our relationships with our clients.

A commitment to offering world-class service has led to significant growth and expansion over the past decade in both product and technology.  Strategically-placed offices covering every region of the United States has positioned jf moran as a worldwide leader in full service customs brokerage, supply chain management, worldwide logistics, compliance, port security, insurance, foreign freight forwardingimporting, exporting, and trucking. Our extensive global network of agents insures we can provide world-class service all over the globe.

Our partnerships with a full range of businesses from the very small to multinational enterprises are strengthened by our commitment to providing service tailored to our individual clients.  Our ability to customize our supply chain packages to suit the individual needs of our clients means that each customer will have exactly what they need to gain a competitive advantage.

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